Business Summary

Mid-West Irrigation commenced trading in March 1992 from a rented premises at 19 Peisley Street with 2 staff.

Mid-West Irrigation is one of the few Irrigation retailers that provides a full Irrigation or Stock water system Design service in House. We survey or measure the area, design the most water & cost efficient system for the area.

Designs are completed on a computer based CAD package to provide complete design plans & specifications.

Mid-West Irrigation is operated by Keith Sproule who has been in irrigation & water supply for 35 years as a designer & sales consultant.

The business was set up to provide sales & technical support for irrigation & water supply systems for Orchardists, Farmers & Graziers, Councils, Lawn & Garden Irrigation.

When the Wine Boom hit Orange, 7 employees provided sales, full system design & installation of all Irrigation systems, as well as a backup service for repairs.

Mid-West Irrigation provides quality products & services to our Customers with the right advice to keep Irrigation & pumps operating when they are most needed.

Mid-West Irrigation is now permanently located at 8 Peisley Street Orange.




- Mid-West Irrigation is a Retail Business providing sales, service installation & a professional design service to its Customers.

- The business is located at 8 Peisley Street in Orange.

- We currently have 6 employees

- Most of our work is within 100km of Orange

- My Vision is to provide our customers with the best possible goods, services & advise available from the industry.

- Provide a full survey & design service & install the correct equipment for the job


- Councils from the Central West for parks & gardens irrigation & pumping. Orchardists for design & installation of irrigation, pumps & filtration, pipes & fittings. Vineyards for design & installation of irrigation, pumps & filtration, pipes & fittings. Farmers & Graziers for stock water reticulation systems, house pumps & lawn irrigation. Domestic for lawns, gardens & tanks.

- The best marketing is word of mouth from satisfied customers.

- benchmark at final inspection.


- Look after the existing Customers well so they return & tell their friends & neighbours.

- Question Customers on whether your service level is what they expect or above their requirements.


- Training is carried out mostly in House, with support from Supplier training seminars. Employees who show they wish to make a career of Irrigation are then encouraged to participate in Industry training to become qualified in all aspects of the industry. Certificate courses are available.

- Staff meetings are held regularly with all staff asked to contribute to the operation of the business & how we can improve what we do.

- All new ideas are discussed with all staff before being tried. The rewards for innovative ideas are acknowledgement from your peers that you have contributed to the improvement of the work place or the way we carry out our jobs.


- Information technology is important as we operate seven computers to carry out sales, purchasing, inventory control & provide daily business figures. Emails are the main form of communication between suppliers & ourselves.

- We impact on the environment when we dig trenches. We carry out a site inspection with regard to environmental issues before commencing work & construct the necessary barriers to minimize any problems we could encounter.

- We receive a constant stream of communication from all our suppliers, the Irrigation association & the buying group we are in to keep us up with everything happening in the industry.

5Community Support:

- Mid-West Irrigation contributes towards a number of local school fund raisers, we support a hole at the local golf course & support three of the local Bowling Clubs. We have given lectures for Councils on water usage.